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Established in 2000 as a women’s apparel manufacture, our company has grown exponentially in recent years with outstanding quality and design that is both highly functional and fashionable.

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We pride ourselves in providing quality merchandise at competitive rates.
Maintaining great customer relationships we are determined to adapt to client’s needs by keeping current with fashion trends.

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Welcome to Callia, Inc.

Combining modern luxury with classic elegance, we design one-of-a-kind prints as well as carry private labels. Located in city of Vernon, a heart of Fashion district, we have certified factories both in domestic and overseas. We maintain a high standard of business ethics with great integrity. We believe in strong and sophisticated women who comprehend trends while embracing classic, meet the lifestyle needs of today’s modern women and is seeking enduring style with exquisite craftsmanship. Combining exceptional design and quality we deliver innovative collections with the highest attention to detail, including an extensive library of registered prints and colors.

Working with all levels of clients has leveraged our system and surpassed both the consumers’ and customers’ needs. We stand behind our product to deliver luxurious quality and it shows combination of exceptional designs with value.

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New York Office
Telephone: +1-646-882-7317
E-mail: support@jnsapparel.com

LA Office
Telephone: +1-323-583-4242
E-mail: support@calliaapparel.com